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Cordus device eliminates pain in the neck, back, lower back in 2 weeks

Cordus is the only device for effective home treatment of the neck, back, lower back without doctors, ointments and accessories approved by EU. It relaxes the deep muscles of the spine and eliminates compression (pressure) on the intervertebral disc.

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Принципы действия
Device operating
principles Cordus

Pain relief 

Overstretched muscles of the back, neck, lower back are the cause of pain, the appearance of hernias, bulges and osteochondrosis.

Cordus relieves spasms and tones the muscles, eliminating the source of back, neck and lower back pain.

Muscle tension is relieved due to activation of the proprioceptors and soft stretching.​ 

Spinal stretch

Cordus device is able to gently stretch the spine. This will reduce the load on the intervertebral discs and allow them to start recovering.

Spine stretching is a procedure recommended by leading osteopaths.

The spine is able to recover, you just have to help it​.

Stress relief 

Negative emotions and stress are sealed in the muscles of the back. This is confirmed by numerous studies in the field of psychosomatics.

Cordus  relaxes muscles, allowing you to get rid of negativity and stress. Regular procedures can reduce nervous tension.

In some cases, the relaxation is so intense that catharsis is being experienced.

Strengthening the result​

For a noticeable result, it is necessary to work with the entire spine. The spine at the lower back and waist is connected to the neck. You cannot treat only one area. Cordus is intended for the treatment of all parts of the spine.

After the treatment session, you should perform strengthening exercises (see the User manual for more information).

It's never too late to help yourself!

Action mechanism
Regular procedures are not only
capable of removing  the accumulated
tension in the vertebrae and discs
Регулярные процедуры

They softly and deeply unload the spine, and

simultaneously starting regenerative processes in overloaded muscles and strained ligaments

But also correcting the actual position of the vertebrae relative to one another.

Deep relaxation sessions with Cordus devices replace osteopathic visits.​

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More than 68% of people
no longer feel existing diseases in the spine

Start the spine treatment now in order to prevent further development of the existing protrusion, herniation, scoliosis or degeneration of the facet joints 

  • Neglected diseases are treated much harder,
    and sometimes with surgery.

  • Cordus is not only a complex therapy, but a
     quality of life

  • Relieve stress and fatigue and
    enjoy life

In which cases

Cordus device is a safe technique
of getting rid of spine problems at home.

Cordus will help with pain, hernia, protrusions, osteochondrosis in the lower back. It is necessary to use the “L” side. The device will remove muscle spasm, stretch out the spine.

Cordus is an excellent remedy for pain, hernia, osteochondrosis in the thoracic section. It is necessary to use the “D” side. You'll feel the effect within a week.

It can handle the pain at the bottom of the neck perfectly. The device has a side “C”, dedicated to work with the neck.

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Why Cordus
is the best solution?
  • The cost of Cordus is equal to two sessions 

    of manual therapy or osteopathy  (cost 3000 rubles per session!)

  • Cordus significantly reduces healthcare spending and independently eliminates many dysfunctions in the spine.

  • One of the top

    Only a few medical simulators for the spine can help to achieve such a result.

  • Developed by a team of specialists

    consisting of physiologists, rehabilitologists and osteopaths

  • Methods of autogravitation therapy​

    Most important is the use of body weight and the special design of the devices.

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Хиропрактик Анжелика о Cordus
мануальный терапевт, хиропрактик
Устранить онемение в руках и ногах. Хиропрактик об аппарате Cordus для лечения позвоночника
Марина Ярославцева о Cordus

Аппарат имеет три разные стороны, они обозначаются разными буквами и используются также для разных целей. Одна грань идет для шейного отдела (мне привет), другая - для коррекции позвонков грудного отдела, третья для поясницы (привет, Артем).

Скажу сразу - больно, особенно сначала. Где болит особенно, там и надо применять, так как это признак спазмированных мышц. так что жалость тут - медвежья услуга, а жертв требует не только красота, но и здоровье. Из-за этого аппарат используют для обнаружения особенно проблемных участков, глядя, где наибольший дискомфорт и чувствительность.

Зато через некоторое время наступает фаза расслабления! Встаёшь - как заново родился, как будто позвоночник вынули, перебрали и обратно вставили. И не удивительно, ведь расслабились такие глубокие мышцы, которые просто так не достанешь. Боль длится около двух минут - именно столько сопротивляется мышца, после расслабляясь. Зная это, терпеть гораздо проще. Зато какой потом эффект!

Мой совет: старайтесь равномерно глубоко дышать, и думать о хорошем, это отвлекает. Но если боль вот реально НЕВЫНОСИМАЯ, значит, спазм крайне сильный, и надо передвинуть аппарат выше, а после ниже - так сказать, взять ее в окружение. )))

Anton Marchuk о Cordus
Домашний Простой Метод Выровнять Осанку Для Ленивых (БЕЗ УПРАЖНЕНИЙ)
Sergey Makeev about Cordus
Doctor, chiropractic
There are a large number of different devices for spine treatment. In this video, I show you how to use Cordus for self-correction of the lumbar spine. I talk about the small size of it, and that you can take it on the road, for the journey.
Александра Бонина о Sacrus&Cordus
фитнес-тренер, врач лечебной физкультуры
Массажеры для спины и шеи. Устройства для разгрузки позвоночника SACRUS и CORDUS
HeavyMetalGYM о Cordus
Conformity certificate TSU
Product certification for the countries of the European Union of the notified body TSU Piestany
Certificate of conformity
Compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union
Registration certificate
Registration certificate for Sacrus and Cordus devices
Appendix to the registration certificate
Add 10 years to your active life
with Sacrus and Cordus devices.
«Cordus Pro» treats neck and back pain. Elastic tops for greater comfort.
Base model for home treatment of pains, osteochondritis in the pelvic and sacral regions, pinch of the sciatic nerve, headaches
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