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General recommendations of Cordus device usage

Find out general recommendations for the course of treatment with our device.

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The recommended initial course of unloading and correction of the spine with the use of device is 8-10 classes, it should be performed regularly in one to two days. The interval should be three days if muscles are painful after exercise.And then, spinal discharge care is carried out 1-2 times a week on a regular base, for the purpose of musculofascial system unloading and relaxing, overall body health improving, especially during periods of fatigue in the back and neck. One spine segment unloading time is from 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the muscle relaxation speed in a particular segment. This method can be used by any person or athlete on their own at home after a preliminary review of the instructions. Classes are held in groups of 3 to 12 people in fitness rooms and sports centers. Fitness specialists, yogis and trainers use this method in combination with other exercises for unloading and relaxing the spine muscles.

This device allows achieving unloading and correction of the cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral spine regions, as the result muscle tension in the back and spine is reduced and eliminated. Decrease of spasmodic muscle tension, improvement of blood supply to the back muscles, and pain disappears are reached in few sessions. Also you get more mobile and flexible spine.

Relaxation is the main spine unloading principle on this device.

It is best achieved on exhalation with calm and normal breathe. Listen to your feelings. If everything is in order with the muscles, then there is no pain or discomfort. And vice versa, pain is a signal that you should pay attention to it.

Perform all movements on the device smoothly and slowly without jerking.

Cordus devices effects deep and intense. Therefore, gradual application is required. Long-existing Functional Blocks are established systems, they are included in the body at different levels, and their quick elimination can cause some imbalance and discomfort. For that reason all procedures should be performed at a moderate pace, depth of Cordus device should be selected relatively comfortable by placing a pillow under the head or collar zone, or a cushion under the lower back. The first lessons can be done on an elastic mattress or even sitting in a chair.

Do not worry if you have any doubts whether you are using Cordus correctly. It is quite normal, as if you started yoga. At first it seems that you are not doing everything right, but the more you do, the more correctly you do everything. There are seven main points for spine unloading and its preparation for treatment. Starting from the second or the third session, you can apply the device to any vertebra, and treat sciatica on the coccyx and sacrum (for the coccyx, use faces C and D)


For people whose height is from 140cm to 150cm spine treatment is possible only with edges C and D of the device.

You can lay a folded towel on the points, or do a session sitting in a chair with a high back to reduce the pressure of the device.


You may feel discomfort and pain during installation of the device under different spine segments. This indicates that muscles in this place are spasmodic and energy stagnation occurs. And such painful spine area is needed to be worked out well with Cordus device. Effect depth is up to you, you shouldn’t feel excessive discomfort or severe pain. It can be done with the use of a towel. Place it on the Cordus or place a pillow, or rollers under different parts of the body.

Lift your body using coasters, books, pillows, or a folded towel if you feel too much pressure. If pressure is weak and you don’t feel anything, you need to raise the device by placing one or two books under it.


Device pressure should be relatively comfortable, tolerant; pressure can be reduced (for example, put a towel on top of Cordus device).

Make sure the spine is in the device centre. It's normal if you deviate slightly and the active points are slightly higher or lower than the device (these points are important for unloading the spine, and starting from the third session, you can apply the device to any vertebra).


If you have a disease that causes severe pain, do not apply the device directly to the pain point during the first ten sessions. Apply it 3-4 cm above or below this area. Concentrate on your breath and on the uncomfortable zone, mentally relax this place, try to smile internally and “send your love to this place”; you will feel how in 1.5-2 minutes the pain will remit or disappear! It is due to the fact that tense muscle resists for about 2 minutes. And then comes the phase of muscle relaxation.

If you are weak, full, or old, you can use the device with the help of another person, or use it in bed or in a chair with a high back (the result will be equally satisfactory).

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If you have doubts, insecurities, or concerns, you can start using the device in a chair with a high back (which suits people with a weak back or overweight people, they can ask another person to help them use the device). This method is safer than massage or manual therapy.

  • Diagnose the back and consult a specialist if there are contraindications for using Cordus. Often you can use the device at least in a limited area of the spine, while still helping yourself.
  • If it is difficult to get up from the device during the lessons (usually in the first lessons when correcting the thoracic section takes place), you can smoothly fall to one side and in this position already remove the device.
  • You may feel a slight painfulness in the spine after the first 2 or 3 sessions (traces from device installing), nausea or tingling (slight burning) in the back. It is usually connected with increased circulation in spine tissues, mobility restoration of the vertebrae joints and energy activation along the spine meridians.
  • Persons with low blood pressure may have a slight intoxicating state, because after the procedure, blood pressure slightly decreases.
  • Sleep quality improves after evening treatment with Cordus device!


If you are overweight, sick, disabled, or old, and it is difficult for you to use the device, you can start using it in a chair with a high back, which also gives a good result. We do not recommend performing any physical activity within 2 hours after correction of the spine.

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